Collections on knowledge synthesis and integration

Tools for Integration and Implementation Sciences (I2S)

What’s the purpose?

The Australian National University provides a collection of tools, some of the tools being collections of tools themselves. The tools are structured along the three main purposes of Integration and Implementation Sciences, which are

  • Synthesising disciplinary and stakeholder knowledge
  • Understanding and managing diverse unknowns
  • Providing integrated research support for policy and practice change
Who provides the collection? The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
How does it differ from td-net’s collection? There are many overlaps with td-net’s collection. Integration and Implementation Sciences and transdisciplinary research are conceptually close. They both aim at supporting problem solving in the context of societally relevant issues. In addition, ANU’s collection provides a few tools for managing diverse unknowns.

I2S Newsletter

The I2S news is to provide regular updates about resources for researchers who investigate complex real world problems: