Il portale web fornisce l'accesso a metodi e strumenti per la collaborazione tra esperti e parti coinvolte dalla scienza e dalla pratica al fine di rispondere alle sfide sociali che sono sia reali che specifiche del contesto.di più

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Get in touch!

We aim to provide the research community with comprehensive, useful methods for co-production of knowledge. This goal can only be met when we know about the needs, questions and thoughts of the community. Please send us an !

Share your thoughts! ()

E.g. we are wondering:​

  • What are your current challenges and questions with regard to co-producing of knowledge?
  • Did you have difficulties in understanding or applying any of our methods?

Help us to complement our compilation! ()

E.g. we are wondering:

  • Are there additional methods/tools or online resources which you consider to be particularly helpful?

Give feedback on the portal’s structure! ()

Our portal provides a structure for searching methods by key issues and phases. For each issue and phase, we describe specific situations. Our current challenge is to recommend methods and tools that are particularly helpful for these specific situations. With respect to the portal's structure, we are wondering:

  • Does the structure make sense to you? Is it helpful to orientate yourself?
  • Is anything missing? Can you think of other challenges of knowledge co-production that could be met through applying a method?

Use the dialogic elements of related resource compilations! ()

  • i2s blog: short articles with lively commentaries - there is also a LinkedIn group
  • ... do you know any other td-related resource compilations with interactive/dialogic elements?


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