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The research magazine Horizons offers an overview of research activities in Switzerland. Horizons is published jointly by the SNSF and the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. Four times a year it reports on the latest developments in all scientific disciplines: from biology, medicine and social and cultural sciences through to mathematics and the natural sciences.

Learn more about the fascinating and inspiring world of science: what are the drivers of progress in medical research? What sources of energy can we use? Which issues will preoccupy future generations?

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Horizons N° 119
  • 2018

Large-scale research: from atomic bombs to citizen science

What’s a country to do with a spare ten billion? Bid to host the Olympic Games, finance a new airport? Build a hydroelectric dam, commission an aircraft carrier? How about a state-of-the-art space telescope?
Switzerland’s wild-west underground (in German)
  • 2018

Switzerland’s wild-west underground

Who owns the Swiss subsoil and how should it be used? The legislation is unclear. With underground usage subject to increased competition, it’s clear that a problem is emerging.
The impotence of experts (in German)
  • 2018

The impotence of experts

It’s getting more and more difficult for experts to get their arguments across to a broad public. We investigate why and offer advanced instructions for imparting knowledge: getting scientists heard amidst the noise of fake news. Read more in the current issue of the science magazine "Horizons".
Horizons 116 (In German)
  • 2018

The other side of video gaming

They entertain, create digital pioneers and move science forward: Video games have to be taken seriously. Read more in the current issue of the science magazine "Horizons".
Horizons: La science au tribunal
  • 2017

Horizons: La science au tribunal

Tant la science que la justice recherchent la vérité. Mais de manière différente, et avec de nombreuses tensions.
Whose economy?
  • 2017

Horizons: Whose economy?

Given the potentially catastrophic consequences, is it right for finance to carry on in this way? Just like aviation, economics is a science capable of advancement. It must progress first and foremost towards societal relevance, just as it must seriously render the economic system less fragile. The walls between schools of thought must be torn down, and the repeatedly exposed dogmas placed at arm’s length, in particular ‘efficient markets’ and Homo oeconomicus, neither of which actually exist.
Methods and tools for co-producing knowledge

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