Benefits of animal experimentation

The composition of the body, its metabolism, many processes, ranging from the development of a fertilised egg to the ageing process, are very similar in human beings and other mammals. This is the reason why scientific questions, such as for example the effect of medicinal products, are explored with the use of animals. To a certain extent, the results can be used to draw inferences for humans. They serve as starting points for further research.

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Why are animal experiments necessary?

Biomedical research continues to rely on laboratory animals.
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Effective therapies already exist; why do we need to conduct further research?

Effective therapies are still unavailable in many areas.
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Are animal experiments conducted for the sole purpose of exploring diseases and treatments of humans?

Animals also benefit from animal testing.
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Do animal experiments yield a benefit for veterinary medicine?

Medicines and therapies are also developed for animals.
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Why do so many medicinal products fail in clinical tests?

For an active ingredient to be approved, it must pass a variety of test phases.