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EPFL assistant professor Radoslav Marchevski has introduced his specialty – kaon physics – to Switzerland .

Order through kaons

The inventory of Swiss particle physics has just opened a new register for a new kind of research: thanks to EPFL assistant professor Radoslav Marchevski, it can add kaon physics

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Two employees from the University of Geneva test components of the FASER particle detector during the experiment's commissioning phase in 2021.

First sighting of neutrinos from a collider collision

It’s a first in the world of physics: the FASER and SND@LHC experiments at CERN have seen first ever confirmed evidence of a neutrino produced in a particle collision at

Immagine: Anna Sfyrla
The experimental setup at the cyclotron - DIAMON

“Strange animals” in the spotlight

When protons or ions collide with targets or each other, they produce lots of new particles. Some of these are wanted, some are unwanted, but whatever their desired status –

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