ProClim è il forum per clima e cambiamenti ambientali globali. ProClim serve come punto di contatto tra scienza da una parte e amministrazione pubblica, politica, economia e pubblico dall’altra e favorisce la comunicazione tra questi settori.

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Schweizweite und internationale News, Publikationen und Veranstaltungen zu Klima, globaler Wandel und Energie.
Coup de projecteur sur le climat suisse

Il clima svizzero sotto i riflettori

Here you will find facts and background information on the report «Brennpunkt Klima Schweiz» and the corresponding fact sheet «Spotlight on climate change in Switzerland»
ProClim Flash

ProClim Flash

ProClim Flash is a Swiss Journal which focuses on Climate and Global Change. The journal addresses experts from science, specialist associations, he Federal Government, cantons and municipalities as well as interested public.

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IPCC Switzerland

ProClim is building the IPCC platform Switzerland on behalf of the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN.
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The climate portal of ProClim offers you an overview of the current state of research in the fields of climate and global change.
Parliamentary Group «Climate Change»

Parliamentary Group Climate Change

The Parliamentary Group Climate Change seeks to impart up to date knowledge of climate change and its impacts and to encourage open discussions. Generally, the group arranges a business lunch on a specific topic of climate in each session.


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ProClim is the Forum for Climate and Global Change.

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