ProClim è il forum per clima e cambiamenti ambientali globali. ProClim serve come punto di contatto tra scienza da una parte e amministrazione pubblica, politica, economia e pubblico dall’altra e favorisce la comunicazione tra questi settori.


Events related to Climate, Global Change and Energy

National and international events concerning global change issues
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News on Climate, Global Change and Energy

Auswahl von Übersichtspublikationen und Statusberichten sowie Stellungnahmen, Veranstaltungsberichte und andere Informationen zum Globalen Wandel
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Brennpunkt Klima Schweiz

Faits et matériel supplémentaire du rapport «Coup de projecteur sur le climat suisse - Etat des lieux et perspectives».

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IPCC Switzerland

ProClim is building the IPCC platform Switzerland on behalf of the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN.
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Informations sur le changement climatique, ses conséquences et nos moyens d'agir.
Parliamentary Group «Climate Change»

Parliamentary Group Climate Change

The Parliamentary Group Climate Change seeks to impart up to date knowledge of climate change and its impacts and to encourage open discussions. Generally, the group arranges a business lunch on a specific topic of climate in each session.


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  • 11.04.2017

18th Swiss Global Change Day

The Swiss Global Change Day is an event where the global change and Future Earth community can meet and discuss ongoing problems in a transdisciplinary manner. The aim is to present recent highlights in global environmental change research as well as to point out challenges for future research. Besides, there is an opportunity for people from governmental institutions and the private sector to ask questions and explain their needs and views on the topics presented.
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