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Science relies on the sharing of ideas, research results, data and methods. Yet, much of it is not published or hidden behind paywalls, even when research was funded from public means. How can we ensure that science builds on the entire body of research? How can we facilitate exchange?

Conclusions at the congress «We Scientists Shape Science»

Open Science is already part of many research programmes in Europe and worldwide. We want open access; including all aspects of a publication - open science is not just access to an article, but to all elements leading to an article (open data, open peer review etc). A solution of open access financing is needed, in order to avoid an intolerable financial burden on (publicly funded) institutions and scientists, who do all the work. As scientists we should take more risks in going towards open science by publishing more in Open Access Journals and putting articles in the archive. For realizing «open data» we need established infrastructures for data sharing, in a global collaboration to allow interoperability and with quality systems included. Providing data openly should be mandated and rewarded with a «data citation index». Sharing data has to be part of every research plan.

Open science needs training of scientists, funders and administrators to embrace the full power of the digital revolution. Articles should allow access to content that can be mined, e.g. links to raw data or links to Digital Object Identifiers. Libraries should form knowledge management systems which provide services to maintain archives, to develop shared vocabularies and ontologies necessary to link data, and to extract scientific facts from publications and research databases.

As scientists we should support open courses, alternative journals and alternative metrics (beyond just impact factors) to judge scientists and promote open science in all our activities.

Workshop held at the congress «We Scientists Shape Science», January 2017, Bern. Conclusions are based on the debate in the workshop and on online comments by the participants.

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