Fisica delle Particelle

I fisici delle particelle in svizzera intendono rendere comprensibile ad un pubblico interessato l’ affascinante mondo della ricerca e discutere insieme ai rappresentanti di altre discipline circa l’importanza di essa per la nostra società.

Proton-Proton Collision (LHC, CERN)
Proton-Proton Collision (LHC, CERN)
Proton-Proton Collision (LHC, CERN)

Modern physics relies on an elegant «Standard Model of particle physics», a quantum field theory based on three symmetries and a symmetry breaking. This theory describes and explains magnificently all experimental results obtained so far. With the discovery of the Higgs particle in 2012 at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the last missing piece of the Standard Model has been experimentally confirmed. Experiments at CERN and at other international laboratories now continue to test the validity and limits of the Standard Model in ever widening scope. However, for a comprehensive understanding of the laws of nature a theory beyond the Standard Model is needed, which should include gravitation and explain the presence of dark matter and dark energy in the universe.

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Poster of the Art & Science exhibition 2019 at Espace Ballon
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Exhibition Art & Science 2019

The exhibition Art & Science at the Balloon museum in Château d'Oex presents art works from Michael Hoch from CERN on the discovery of cosmic rays with balloon flights pioneering modern particle physics.
Physicist Dr. Marina Battaglia is a senior researcher at the FHNW Institute for Data Science and works on the STIX project.
  • 19.03.2020
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University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland researches astroparticles of the Sun

Scientists at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) have spent around ten years building the Spectrometer / Telescope for Imaging X-rays (STIX). Since 10 February, the research instrument is travelling to the Sun. It will provide accurate measurements of the solar atmosphere and the solar wind and will also cover the polar regions of the Sun that cannot be observed from Earth.
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Präsentation und Preisverleihung: Maturaarbeiten in Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaften und Technik !! verschoben auf Mai !!

Hiking from one particle physics experiment to another: Dr. François Drielsma.
  • 04.03.2020
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California-based neutrino researcher François Drielsma

With its European particle physics laboratory CERN, Geneva attracts many researchers to Switzerland. This was also the case with François Drielsma (28). In a doctoral thesis supervised by Prof. Alain Blondel (University of Geneva), the Belgian-born scientist investigated a completely new way to build a particle accelerator.
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International Jost-Bürgi-Symposium Lichtensteig
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4. Internationales Jost-Bürgi Symposium 2020

Das vierte Jost-Bürgi-Symposium findet vom 1.-2. Mai 2020 im toggenburgischen Lichtensteig im Kanton St. Gallen, dem Geburtsort Bürgis, statt.
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The two-day conference is an annual event aimed at young researchers and professionals from Europe and worldwide dealing with various aspects of energy-related issues. It is a good opportunity for undergraduate, MSc, PhD students, postdocs, entrant engineers and other young scientists to develop communication skills, make new contacts and forge durable scientific relationships.

Fisici delle perticelle svizzeri in dialogo con il pubblico

Dietro il progetto è l'Istituto Svizzero di Fisica delle Particelle (CHIPP), organizzazione suprema delle varie istituzioni svizzere di fisica delle particelle con un totale di 500 membri.