Collections on participatory research

Research toolkit

What’s the purpose? The purpose is to support researchers in developing health research projects in collaboration with stakeholders. The toolkit is structured along the stages of a project, from building collaborations and developing proposals to disseminating results. It is an annotated bibliography, including scientific publications as well as grey literature. Were available, links are provided to the respective online publication.
Who provides the collection? This is not clear form the webpage. Most of the team members are from Group Health Research Institute, a research centre within the non-profit health system ‘Group Health Cooperative’, Seattle, USA
How does it differ from td-net’s collection? As td-net’s collection, the focus is on involving stakeholders in research. The toolkit does, however, not present methods and does not target the collaboration of disciplines.

Guiding Principles of Integrative Science

What’s the purpose? The purpose of the guiding principles is to involve first nation people on equal footing in research. This is different from involving stakeholders grown up in western thinking, because the first nations world-views might differ considerably from western thinking.
Who provides the collection? The Institute for Integrative Science & Health at Cape Breton University, Canada.
How does it differ from td-net’s collection? The guiding principles provide five methods of how to collaborate, suggested by Mi’kmaw Elders. The main purpose is to have an exchange between first nation and western world-view on equal footing. This makes the collection particularly interesting for transdisciplinary research with the purpose of holistic understanding. The collection, however, does not target the collaboration of different disciplines