Relevance of animal experimentation

A human is a human; a mouse is a mouse. Every organism has its own characteristic features, as well as commonalities with others. The special traits limit the relevance of animal experiments; but they do not render them useless. Inferences with regard to the situation with humans are possible. Still, scientists are always aware of the fact that research with humans is also necessary before definitive conclusions can be reached regarding humans.


Can the results of animal studies be applied to humans?

Would it not be better to test medicines directly on humans to determine whether they are effective?
Spritze Medikamente Anwendung Synthetische Biologie

Why do humans still develop side-effects, in spite of safety testing with animals?

Absolute safety can never be guaranteed.
Souris de laboratoire dans les mains de la science

Do animal experiments convey a false sense of security?

No matter how safe tests may be, the risk of undesirable effects can only be minimised.
Mouse offspring

What medical developments were made possible only because of animal experiments?

For example, the discovery of antibiotics, insulin, vaccines or Heparin and the development of organ transplantations, surgical techniques or implants.