Animal experimentation in general

To avoid undue distress to animals, the conduct of animal experiments in Switzerland is subject to legislation. Before scientists are authorised to conduct research with vertebrates, they are required to attend mandatory training and to request permission from the Cantonal Veterinary Office for every experiment.

Paragraphe (symbole)

What procedures are in place to ensure that the experiments are conducted in accordance with the legal stipulations?

Permission must be obtained from the appropriate Cantonal Veterinary Office for every animal experiment conducted in Switzerland.
Laboratory mice

Who is looking for the well-being of the animals?

Does anyone have the right to conduct animal experiments? And can they do whatever they please?
Using C. elegans instead of higher developed animals

What are the 3Rs principles?

Replace, Reduce, Refine: The 3Rs are the guiding principles for animal experimentation in Switzerland today.
Les 3R sont efficaces: le nombre d'animaux ayant participé à des expériences a fortement baissé

How much animal experiments are conducted?

The number of animals used for animal testing today is much lower than in the 1990s.
Multiphoton fluorescence image of HeLa cells stained with the actin binding toxin phalloidin (red), microtubules (cyan) and cell nuclei (blue)

Should animal testing be banned?

Research might be carried out outside Europe, where animal welfare conditions are often worse.