Animals used in experiments

Animals are creatures that deserve to be respected – this is the consensus in our society. Causing them undue suffering, killing them without a legitimate reason, or keeping them under conditions that are not appropriate for the species, are considered unacceptable. Where animals used for experiments are concerned, these aspects play an important role. Scientists strive to respect the animals; the respect of the dignity of living beings has to be guaranteed.

Die Versuchstiere werden in einem Tierstall gehalten

How are the animals kept?

Permission is required to keep any animal for experimentation and the conditions must meet the needs of the animal species being kept.
Chats de laboratoire

Is it possible for humans who conduct animal experiments to love animals?

Employees conducting animal experiments very often have an emotional connection with the animals.
Ratten betäubt

Are animals always subject to suffering or euthanasia in the experiments?

The majority of animal experiments cause no or very little distress to the animals.
Laboratory mice

What kinds of animal species are used for animal experimentation?

Over 60 percent of all laboratory animals in Switzerland are mice.
Katze in Versuchstierhaltung

What happens to the animals at the end of the experiment?

Rodents often need to be euthanised. Other animals are adopted by private owners.