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Swiss Academies Report
Swiss Academies Report

Le relazioni di sintesi su argomenti di importanza politica sociale o scientifica riflettono lo stato della conoscenza.

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National significance of Natural History Collections in Switzerland
  • 2019

National significance of natural history collections in Switzerland

Biological and geoscience collections form an important part of our rich scientific heritage and provide the basis for much of what we know today about our planet and how we humans have influenced it. Natural history collections help us to understand our past and present better, thereby providing a basis for predicting the future. They also serve as biobanks for preserving the Earth’s organismic and genomic diversity, and must not only be maintained, but also supplemented so that scientists can continue to document and explore life on Earth. As new investigative techniques emerge, we can discover more from studying such intact and well-preserved collections.
A Conflict Sensitive Approach to Field Research
  • 2017

A Conflict Sensitive Approach to Field Research – Doing Any Better?

This publication by swisspeace and the KFPE demonstrates, in eight contributions, how scientists view their research as dependent of national and international power structures. Research in conflict zones can point to ways and means to diffuse tension, if consciously undertaken. To achieve this objective, field research projects need to consider these specifics from the very outset.
Titelblatt Broschüre Missbrauchspotenzial und Biosecurity in der biologischen Forschung
  • 2017

Il potenziale dell’uso improprio e la bioprotezione nella ricerca biologica

Le ricerche nel campo delle scienze della vita producono conoscenze e tecnologie che offrono vantaggi significativi per l’uomo e l’ambiente. Tuttavia, alcune scoperte realizzate in questo campo possono diventare un pericolo se usate impropriamente o con intenti malevoli.
Coup de projecteur – Rapport complet
  • 2016

Coup de projecteur sur le climat suisse

Plus de 70 chercheurs ont travaillé ces dernières années avec ProClim – le Forum pour le climat et les changements globaux de l’Académie suisse des sciences naturelles (SCNAT) et avec soutien de l’Organe consultatif sur les changements climatiques OcCC et de l’Office fédéral de l'environnement OFEV à la compilation des résultats du rapport GIEC AR5. Ces informations ont été complétées avec des données scientifiques supplémentaires pertinentes pour la Suisse et publiées dans un nouveau rapport « Coup de projecteur sur le climat suisse. Etat des lieux et perspectives ».
ABS good practice 2016
  • 2016

Utilization of genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge in academic research

A good practice guide for access and benefit-sharing
ABS Model Clauses 2016
  • 2016

Agreement on Access and Benefit-sharing for Academic Research

A toolbox for drafting Mutually Agreed Terms for access to Genetic Resources and to Associated Traditional Knowledge and Benefit-sharing

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