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Wildlife and humans in outdoor recreational areas near cities
  • 2018

Wildlife and humans in outdoor recreational areas near cities

Outdoor recreational areas in the vicinity of cities buzz with activity, not only during the day, but also in the early mornings, late evenings, and even at night.
Factsheet «New approaches for protecting potatoes against late blight»
  • 2018

New approaches for protecting potatoes against late blight

Late blight continues to result in major losses and a considerable use of pesticides in potato farming. Research is under pressure to improve existing control strategies and develop new solutions. A combination of these approach- es could enable potato farming in Switzerland to generate greater yields and become more ecological.
Large Astronomical Facilities: Their Fundamental Importance for Swiss Astronomers
  • 2017

Large Astronomical Facilities: Their Fundamental Importance for Swiss Astronomers

Astrophysics and cosmology have experienced a golden age over the last two decades, due to fundamental observational and theoretical progresses in all areas investigated. Swiss astronomers have made substantial contributions to those fields thanks to the many modern facilities they can use throughout the world. Without a regular access to them, and international collaborations, present day research in astronomy is unthinkable. This booklet is meant to highlight the impact and their importance for Swiss researchers.
eco.mont Vol. 10 No. 1
  • 2018

eco.mont - Journal on Protected Mountain Areas Research and Management Vol. 10 No. 1

Many studies indicate that tourism plays an important role, on various levels, in the economic development of PAs. However, there is clear evidence that tourism can have adverse environmental effects on PAs.
IBS 2017/127
  • 2017

Information Biodiversité Suisse IBS Nr. 127

Dangereuse homogénéisation des cyanobactéries dans les lacs
Payne et al., COSUST, 2017
  • 2017

Opportunities for research on mountain biodiversity under global change

We concisely review current knowledge and knowledge gaps on mountain biodiversity ecosystem services, and human well-being under global change and illustrate how the Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment will continue to support efforts to fill these gaps in the future.
Indikatoren zur öffentlichen Genforschung (2017, Forum Genforschung)
  • 2017

Indikatoren für die Erfassung von Trends der aus öffentlicher Hand finanzierten Forschung im Bereich Genforschung

Entwicklung und Erfassung von Indikatoren zur Messung von Forschungsaktivitäten an öffentlichen Forschungsinstitutionen der Schweiz im Bereich Genforschung.
ProClim Flash 67: Bâtissons des ponts
  • 2017

Bâtissons des ponts

Reto Knutti, Professeur de physique climatique, EPF de Zurich
ProClim Flash 67: Ein Klimabildungsprojekt mit innovativem Ansatz
  • 2017

Une démarche innovante pour un projet éducatif

A l’initiative de GLOBE, des acteurs de l’éducation (HEP de Berne, de Lucerne, de Vaud) et de la recherche climatique (Oeschger Centre, ProClim) relèvent ensemble le défi du changement climatique et de la politique du climat, afin de faire pénétrer cette thématique dans la formation des enseignants et dans l’enseignement.
ProClim Flash 67: OCCR Flash
  • 2017

Simulation des crues maximales probables

Plus des deux tiers des dommages causés par des événements naturels sont imputables à des crues. C’est pourquoi le Laboratoire Mobilière de recherche sur les risques naturels, à l’OCCR, s’occupe entre autres de l’analyse de processus de crue. Les résultats du projet intitulé « M-AARE – Modellkette Atmosphäre-Abfluss-Risiko-Entscheidungen im Einzugsgebiet der Aare » (« chaîne de modèles atmosphère-écoulement-risque-décisions dans le bassin versant de l’Aar ») sont maintenant disponibles.
ProClim Flash 67: CCES News 19
  • 2017

CCES News 19

Looking Back on Ten Years of Inter- and Transdisciplinary Research, Education, and Outreach
ProClim Flash 67: C2SM News
  • 2017

C2SM News

Will tropical nights become a normality in Thun? Is Hinterrhein facing a surge in heat days? How much snow will Saas-Fee be getting in a few decades?
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