• 08.07.2019
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Swiss teams selected to present a workshop in Cascais

Pile hiLyte destinée aux pays émergents
Pile hiLyte destinée aux pays émergents
Pile hiLyte destinée aux pays émergents

Two teams from the Swiss delegation will present their project during the European Festival.

"It’s all in our hands" by Sacha Glardon and Thomas Scheuber and "The hiLyte battery" by Patricia Descombes and Annick Vidonne have been selected for workshops at the festival Science on Stage in Cascais, Portugal. The Festival will take place from 31 October till 3 November 2019.

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Pile écologique - l'Educateur 06/2019
  • 2019
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Recharger son téléphone avec une pile écologique au fer

Comment construire une pile écologique et efficace avec des matériaux renouvelables, une pile dont on pourrait assembler tous les éléments afin d’en comprendre le fonction- nement?
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Science on Stage Festival 2019

450 teachers come together to develop skills for the future with science education in Europe. Participate to the Swiss national selection in Technorama to be part of it!
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