• 11.04.2019
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Swiss woman becomes Special Envoy for Science in Global Policy

Flavia Schlegel
Immagine: ISC
Flavia Schlegel
Flavia Schlegel (Immagine: ISC)

Flavia Schlegel has been appointed by the International Science Council (ISC) as its inaugural Special Envoy for Science in Global Policy. Her tasks are to amplify the visibility and voice of the international scientific community within the UN and other global policy fora, such as the G20, by building the Council’s identity and presence at the highest political levels.

Flavia Schlegel has a distinguished international career. Before joining the ISC, she was the Assistant Director General for UNESCO’s Natural Sciences sector, overseeing UNESCO’s response to multilateral development agendas such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement. Prior to her tenure at UNESCO, Flavia Schlegel established swissnex China, the Swiss house for science, technology, innovation, and culture in Shanghai.

The International Science Council comprises a global membership of more than 140 national and regional scientific organisations as well as 40 international scientific unions. On the Swiss side, the Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) and the Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAGW) safeguard the interests of the scientific community in the ISC. The SCNAT supports the mission of the Special Envoy by providing office space in Berne.

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