• 08.01.2019
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Ernst Meyer is the new President of the Platform MAP

Ernst Meyer (Uni Basel)
Immagine: UHV Force Microscopy Lab
Ernst Meyer (Uni Basel)
Ernst Meyer (Uni Basel) (Immagine: UHV Force Microscopy Lab)

Prof. Ernst Meyer (Uni. Basel) is the new President of the Platform MAP starting in 2019. He succeeds to Prof. Friedrich-Karl Thielemann (Uni. Basel), who served for six years (2013-2018) as President and stays in the Presidium for another three-year term.

Prof. Marc Troyanov (EPFL) also joined the MAP Presidium in 2019 as a new member, while Anna Foncuberta i Morral (EPFL) and Norbert Hungerbühler (ETHZ) finished their term. The MAP Platform thanks all of them for their past or future commitment.


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Prof. Dr. Ernst Meyer
University of Basel
Department of Physics
Klingelbergstrasse 82
4056 Basilea