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Management of land use systems for enhanced food security – conflicts, controversies and resolutions

Tropentag 2015

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Humboldt Universität, Berlin

The Tropentag is a development-oriented and interdisciplinary conference. It addresses issues of resource management, environment, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food, nutrition and related sciences in the context of rural development, sustainable resource use and poverty alleviation worldwide.

Food security has become a major worldwide concern and key policy issue. It will be increasingly challenging to feed the rapidly growing population in a declining area of arable and fertile land under unfavourable and unpredictable climatic conditions. Land has become a precious resource. An increasing competition on land for the production of food, fodder & forage, biofuels and forestry goods is creating tensions and conflicts. Especially the poorest nations in tropical regions have the highest prevalence of malnutrition – caused by inconsistent food availability, accessibility, utilisation and stability.


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