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Lift Basel 2015 - Connecting innovators in life sciences and information technologies!

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Markthalle Basel
Lift Conference 2014. Image: Lift Conference Photos (flickr).
Lift Conference 2014. Image: Lift Conference Photos (flickr).
Lift Conference 2014. Image: Lift Conference Photos (flickr).

After a first successful edition of Lift Basel in November 2014 with over 350 participants, we will come together again in Basel’s Markthalle, for an open and dynamic dialogue on the fast moving ideas, solutions and opportunities generated by the growing confluence of tech, bio and business.

Innovators in life sciences and information technologies, researchers, makers and leaders, let’s build bridges between disciplines and make innovation happen!

We plan six intense sessions, each on one of today's pressing questions:

- Synthetic Biology Today and Tomorrow
- Strategic Openness in Life and Data Science
- Surgeon Superpowers
- Global Ageing
- Doctors and Patients, Revisited
- The Future of Food & Beverages

Lift Basel is made possible thanks to the generous support of our presenting partner i-net and is organized under the patronage of the State Secretariat of Ecomomic Affairs, the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft, together with Regio Basiliensis.

Bild: Lift Conference Photos (flickr).



  • Argomenti
    • Scienza (26)
    • Clima (25)
    • Salute (23)
    • Ricerca (20)
    • Biologia (13)
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  • Organizzazioni
    • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (12)
    • University of Bern (6)
    • CHIPP (5)
    • Institute of Geography (4)
    • ProClim (3)
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  • Tipi di offerte
    • Conferenza pubblica (45)
    • Congresso per specialisti (25)
    • Corso di formazione/aggiornamento (24)
    • Seminario (19)
    • Laboratorio didattico (12)
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