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Smart villages - Key opportunities for a sustainable and attractive Alpine region

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08:00 - 16:30
Luogo della manifestazione
Hôtel du Département de l'Isère, Grenoble
EUSALP conference
EUSALP conference
EUSALP conference

Within the events scheduled for the French Presidency of EUSALP, an event to bring together politicians, project managers, researchers, associations and all those people who are involved or interested in the topic of smart villages is being organised in Grenoble/France to discuss key opportunities for a sustainable and attractive Alpine region.

The meeting will be held in a two-days format : Day 1 consisting in an exploratory visit across the French Regional Natural Park of Vercors, to encounter some smart villages pilot activities, and day 2, dedicated to an european meeting to be held in the Isère Department County Hall, in Grenoble.

During these two-days, participants will be invited to consider the development of smart villages initiatives as a key opportunity for the development of a sustainable and attractive Alpine region. During the event best practices, projects and ideas related to this emerging theme will be presented. Smart villages is an innovative perspective to provide better services and to give potential for an ecological transition to better live, work and inhabit the Alpine region in the future. Register here.

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