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Re-Use. Imagining the continuty of Urban landscapes

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Luogo della manifestazione
Villa Saroli
Viale S. Franscini 9
CH-6900 Lugano
i2a Biennale 2020
Immagine: i2a
i2a Biennale 2020
i2a Biennale 2020 (Immagine: i2a)

After the success of the first two editions, Biennale i2a evolves in Swiss biennale on urban landscapes to talk about re-use. Conferences, exhibitions, film screenings and urban walks: the convivial environment that distinguishes i2a concentrated in three days of exchange and enrichment on what will be the territory, together with some of the Swiss and international protagonists of the contemporary debate.

The Biennale i2a extends over three days and includes several formats for meetings with different focal points. As a regional and national rendez-vous with international charisma, this leading event opens the doors of the Villa Saroli in Lugano to experts in territorial planning and architects, as well as to the wider public.

The event addresses the many different stakeholders involved in the Baukultur process – including players from the media and politicians. With this open-minded attitude, the Biennale i2a contributes to discussions about the social, economic and spatial changes at the heart of today’s society.


i2a Istituto Internazionale di Architettura


For any inquiries please send an E-Mail to the following adress: info@i2a.ch

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    • Cambiamento climatico (16)
    • Scienza (14)
    • Ricerca (13)
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  • Organizzazioni
    • ProClim (3)
    • Société des sciences naturelles de Glaris (3)
    • HES-SO Valais (2)
    • Société des sciences naturelles du Haut-Valais (2)
    • UFAM (2)
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    • Conferenza pubblica (33)
    • Congresso per specialisti (17)
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    • Seminario (7)
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