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Conference on Education and Decent Work for Youth

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ETH Zurich, Main Building
Rämistrasse 101, 8001 Zurich
Conference Education and Decent Employment
Conference Education and Decent Employment
Conference Education and Decent Employment

While primary school completion rates in low- and middle-income countries are now nearing 100%, lower-secondary school completion rates are still at only 40% in low-income countries.

Alarmingly, drop-out rates from secondary school have been rising in recent years, leaving many young people worldwide in low-productivity jobs. In addition to a lack of schooling, the generally low quality of education combined with stagnant job creation have led to a precarious youth labor market situation in many countries.

The aim of the Education and Decent Work for Youth (LELAM2020) conference is to provide a platform for leading scholars, practitioners and policy-makers to reflect on and discuss the drivers of high quality education and training, as well as improved working conditions, for youth in developing countries. Over two days, the conference will feature three keynote speakers, academic parallel sessions, project presentations from practice, and multiple policy plenary sessions.

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