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Decarb Cities Conference

Cities as main actors for the energy transition

feb 24
feb 25
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Room Arena 21
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Vienna
Decarb Cities Conference 2020
Immagine: Decarb Cities
Decarb Cities Conference 2020
Decarb Cities Conference 2020 (Immagine: Decarb Cities)

An increasing share of humans live in cities. This trend requires no-pollution solutions to maintain local air quality, reduce the effect of heat islands and provide the fair share of cities in the fight against climate change. Decarb Cities forum will address this challenge and will provide solutions to cities, the main actors for the energy transition.

The Decarb Cities conference will give a unique opportunity for stakeholders to discuss the European Heat Pump Association’s main fields of work: zero emission heat supply, circular energy economy and cities, challenges and solutions in cities.

The program will include high-level discussions on urban planning and development, European energy policies, and on the capabilities and future application of urban energy systems.


European Heat Pump Association EHPA


Decarb Cities
E-Mail: info@decarbcities.org
Tel: +32 2 400 10 17

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