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WinWind Conference 2020

Achieving a Win-Win(d): Socially-Inclusive Wind Energy across Europe

feb 27
feb 28
Luogo della manifestazione
Hotel Aquino Tagungszentrum Katholische Akademie
Hannoversche Str. 5b

The conference will bring together participants from the research community, policy makers, businesses, and civil society, including experts from the WinWind consortium. Taking place in Berlin, the programme will also draw on the experience gained from the German Energiewende.

Wind energy has a key role to play in the transition to a low-emission society. However, its deployment can lead to local tensions and polarised debates.This conference will review what influences social acceptance of wind energy. It will highlight replicable measures and effective drivers to overcome challenges based on the experiences of the WinWind Project in six European countries.


WinWind Project


Project Coordinator
Dr Maria Rosaria Di Nucci
Environmental Policy Research Centre
Freie Universität Berlin
E-Mail: info-winwind@PolSoz.FU-Berlin.de

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