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Friedrich-Karl-Thielemann is an honorary member of the Swiss Physical Society

The Swiss Physical Society (SPS) awarded honorary membership to Prof. Friedrich-Karl Thielemann at the annual general assembly and draws attention to his exceptionally broad commitment

Dr. Friedrich-Karl Thielemann
Immagine: F.-K. Thielemann

Prof. Friedrich-Karl Thielemann's scientific interest was the question of "how the Universe has been made" - the origin of the elements. He studied nuclear reactions and astrophysical objects such as white dwarfs, supernovae or neutron stars in which these reactions occur. In addition, he promoted young academics with an excellent working environment in his research group, supported his colleagues and was active in numerous scientific advisory boards - including SCNAT: Prof. Thielemann was president of the MAP platform and is still a member of the presidium. We warmly congratulate him on his honorary membership!


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