Sustainability Research Initiative

The Sustainability Research Initiative aims to promote research for sustainable development and the Agenda 2030. It fosters scientific work on key societally-relevant priority themes. The SRI also represents Switzerland in the international programme Future Earth.

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Federal Council has banned all events in Switzerland until 19 April 2020. There is no guarantee that all event listed in the Swiss Science Portal are up-to-date. In case of doubt, please contact the organisers.

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Swiss Global Change Day Teaser
  • ProClim
  • Congresso per specialisti
  • Bern

POSTPONED: 21st Swiss Global Change Day

This event has been postponed for due to COVID-19. For this year, a half-day event on 30 November 2020 is planned. Further information will follow.
EASAC Bericht "Packaging plastics in the circular economy"
  • 2020
  • Relazione

Packaging plastics in the circular economy

Packaging plastics offer an almost infinite range of options for manufacturers in terms of function and design. Their durability and resistance to degradation means that if they ‘leak’ into the environment, they stay there. Leakage has been increasing rapidly and its detrimental impact, especially on the marine environment, has attracted wide public and political concern.
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Our Planet our Future - National Academy of Sciences
  • Conferenza pubblica
  • DC 20418

Our Planet, Our Future

Human society is facing unprecedented challenges in the 21st century. This first Nobel Prize Summit will explore what it will take to ensure humanity’s shared future on Earth.
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Forum Nachhaltige Entwicklung
  • Federal Office for Spatial Development
  • Congresso per specialisti
  • Bern

Save the Date: 33. Forum Nachhaltige Entwicklung

Die Tagung des Forums Nachhaltige Entwicklung bietet Orientierung zu aktuellen Entwicklungen im In- und Ausland, Impulse für neue Projekte und ein Netzwerk für den schweizweiten Austausch bewährter Methoden. Die jährliche Veranstaltung besteht aus Impulsreferaten, Podiumsdiskussionen, Reflexionen und Co-Creation Labs.
  • 17.02.2020
  • Notizie

Call for Proposals: Research and innovation for sustainable development

SDC is looking for promising research and innovation initiatives, which engage researchers from Switzerland and from the Global South and East and implementation partners from other sectors (government, civil society, private sector).
  • 2020
  • EEA
  • Relazione

The first and last mile — the key to sustainable urban transport

The growing use of electric scooters and ride-hailing services is transforming how we move in urban centres — but walking, cycling and public transport remain the best way to improve sustainable mobility in cities, according to a European Environment Agency (EEA) report published today. A separate EEA briefing on the environmental and climate impacts of transport finds that emissions of greenhouse gases from transport continue to increase, as demand for mobility across Europe keeps growing.
The Diagram shows the frequency of SDGs addressed by 216 papers published in Tropical Medicine and International Health between January 2018 and July 2019, weighted by the number of SDGs assigned per paper.
  • 28.01.2020
  • Notizie

Introducing the SDGs into Peer-Reviewed Literature

Tropical Medicine and International Health is the first peer-reviewed journal that fully integrates the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into its publication process. In turn, this will enhance the visibility of the contributions of the scientific community to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
The Institute aims to promote sustainability on smallholdings in developing and emerging countries
  • 27.01.2020
  • Notizie

BFH-HAFL gets its first institute

The interdisciplinary HAFL Hugo P. Cecchini Institute will focus on promoting sustainability on smallholdings in developing and emerging countries.
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IUCN World Conversation Congress 2020
  • Conferenza pubblica
  • Marseille

IUCN World Conservation Congress 2020

Held once every four years, the IUCN World Conservation Congress brings together several thousand leaders and decision-makers from government, civil society, indigenous peoples, business, and academia, with the goal of conserving the environment and harnessing the solutions nature offers to global challenges.
  • 2019
  • Swiss Academic Society for Environmental Research and Ecology
  • Articolo

Addressing sustainability challenges with a broader concept of systems, target, and transformation knowledge

Systems, targets and transformations are guiding metaphors of environmental and sustainability research. Is the framing of these concepts still adequate to address today’s wicked sustainability challenges?
Getting children into primary schools is within reach, but most of the Sustainable Development Goals will not be met by 2030 on current trends. (Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty)
  • 10.01.2020
  • Notizie

Save the Sustainable Development Goals

The goals have had a considerable positive impact. At the current rate, most of the goals will not be met. Here’s how the 2030 agenda can be put back on the right path.
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Welchen Staat braucht die nachhaltige Entwicklung?
  • Conferenza pubblica
  • Bern

Welchen Staat braucht die nachhaltige Entwicklung? - Wirtschaftliche, soziale und ökologische Perspektiven

Der Global Sustainable Development Report 2019 hat einmal mehr die Dringlichkeit und Notwendigkeit für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung deutlich gemacht. Im Jahr 2020 verbleiben noch zehn Jahre, um die Ziele für Nachhaltige Entwicklung der Agenda 2030 der Vereinten Nationen zu erreichen.


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Wind energy
  • 24.09.2019

La recherche suisse en développement durable doit proposer des solutions

Si rien ne change, les objectifs de développement durable des Nations unies ne pourront pas être atteints. Et le monde scientifique est également sur la sellette: comme le demande le premier rapport sur le développement durable dans le monde, la recherche visant des solutions concrètes doit être intensifiée. À travers une initiative, la SCNAT souhaite donc renforcer la recherche en développement durable en Suisse.