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SSS Newsletter 31
  • 2017

SSS Newsletter 31

Biology17 - SSS-Day 10 November 2017, Fribourg - SSS Species of the year
IBS 2017/120
  • 2017

Information Biodiversité Suisse IBS Nr. 120

Sciences participatives: les données montrent un recul des populations de crapaud commun
Horizons No. 112
  • 2017

At the end of life

Horizons is embracing impermanence and the inevitability of death. But when exactly does life end? How does our society deal with dying and death? And how much self-determination is there in a living will?
Prise de position (en allemand)
  • 2017

Expérimentation animale : les Académies soutiennent l’introduction de responsables du bien-être animal et une formation (continue) unifiée

Fin octobre, le Département fédéral de l’Intérieur (DFI) a ouvert la consultation relative à la modification de règlements concernant le domaine vétérinaire. La révision prévoit une nouveauté – l’instauration de responsables du bien-être animal – ainsi que l’unification de la formation (continue) dans le domaine de l’expérimentation animale. Les Académies saluent expressément ces deux propositions dans leur prise de position. Outre cela, elles rendent attentif à quelques contradictions.
IBS 2017/119
  • 2017

Information Biodiversité Suisse IBS Nr. 119

Des jachères florales sûres pour les levrauts
Mitteilungsband Nr. 38
  • 2016

ANG-Mitteilungsband Nr. 38

Natur im Aargau
saguf-Mitteilungen GAIA 25/4
  • 2016

Stakeholder Dialogue for Sustainability. The Challenge of Thinking between Boxes

saguf board members participated in a Stakeholder Dialogue initiated by the Swiss Federal Council to jointly elaborate its new Sustainable Development Strategy.
GeoPanorama 4/2016 Cover
  • 2016

GeoPanorama 4/2016

Le bulletin suisse des Géosciences
IBS 2016/118
  • 2016

Information Biodiversité Suisse IBS Nr. 118

Densité anormalement faible du lynx en Valais
Swiss academies factsheets

Swiss Academies Factsheets

Scientific experts contribute to the publication series “Factsheets” of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. Factsheets are short and concise presentations of a topic based on state-of-the-art research. They are designated for politics, administration, practice, education, media and further interested groups.

Research magazine Horizons

The research magazine Horizons offers an overview of research activities in Switzerland. Horizons is published jointly by the SNSF and the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. Four times a year it reports on the latest developments in all scientific disciplines: from biology, medicine and social and cultural sciences through to mathematics and the natural sciences.