With the awarding of prizes for outstanding transfer of scientific contents, the Academy caters for an active exchange of ideas between science and society. The SCNAT wishes to promote the awareness for the sciences with a dialogue based on partnership.

Pokale Prix Schläfli
  • 21.05.2019
  • Accademia svizzera di scienze naturali
  • Comunicato stampa

SCNAT honours the four best dissertations in sciences

Controlling the amount of phosphate in cells, the processes involved in catalysts, land use in Madagascar and a paradox of quantum physics – these are the topics for which the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) has awarded the Prix Schläfli 2019 to the four most important insights gained by young researchers at Swiss universities. Murielle Delley (Chemistry), Matteo Fadel (Physics), Rebekka Wild (Biology) and Julie Zähringer (Geosciences) receive the prize for the findings arrived at in their dissertations. For the first time, six of the candidates for the Prix Schläfli in Physics were also selected to participate in the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.
Exposition spéciale «FRAGILE» de Naturama
  • 05.12.2018
  • Jury Prix Expo SCNAT
  • Comunicato stampa

Le Naturama Aargau reçoit le Prix Expo 2018

L’Académie suisse des sciences naturelles (SCNAT) décerne le Prix Expo 2018 au Naturama Aargau pour son exposition «FRAGILE». Celle-ci questionne le thème des collections scientifiques de manière passionnante et met en exergue ces trésors qui n’ont souvent pas encore tout dit. Par ce choix judicieux, le Naturama offre un riche élément de réflexion dans le cadre de l’année européenne du patrimoine culturel.
Lauréat Prix Expo 2015


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