Società accademica svizzera per la ricerca sull’ambiente e l’ecologia

La saguf è una società specifica che s’impegna per la promozione della ricerca dell’ambiente e della sostenibilità in Svizzera. Si occupa della ricerca interdisciplinare orientata alla pratica e alle soluzioni.


Die saguf ist Mitglied der Akademie der Naturwissenschaften Schweiz (SCNAT).


Die saguf ist Mitglied der Schweizerischen Akademie der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften (SAGW).


Universität Basel
Rheinsprung 21
4051 Basilea

+41 43 243 08 17

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GAIA 2/2020
  • 2020

"Wir müssen eine nachhaltige Gesellschaft aufbauen – wobei die Wissenschaft gefordert ist"

Inwiefern wirken sich die Folgen der Covid-19-Pandemie auf die nachhaltige Entwicklung aus? Welchen Beitrag kann die saguf zu den SDGs leisten? Diese und andere Fragen diskutiert Manuela Di Giulio mit Manfred Max Bergman und Michael Stauffacher – dem neuen und dem scheidenden Präsidenten der saguf.
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Annual Conference 2020

Teaser towards shared research
  • 2020

Towards shared research

Intercultural, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary research interfaces confront researchers with considerable challenges. Towards Shared Research portrays how scholars from different disciplinary and geographical origins and at various academic career stages strive for a more inclusive and better understanding of knowledge about African environments.

The book is addressed to researchers, facilitators, and policy-makers to make a case for participatory and integrative approaches resulting in systemic and co-created analyses.
GAIA 1/2020
  • 2020

Virtual conferences in higher education

The Coronavirus outbreak has made virtual education a high necessity. Our intention here was to highlight potentials of virtual conferences to enhance transformative learning for sustainable development; new applications will provide powerful insights.
GAIA 2019/3
  • 2019

Transformative teaching in Higher Education for Sustainable Development: facing the challenges

Are teachers ready to support sustainability transformations in tertiary education? We frame major teaching challenges within transformative learning theory and offer a schematic model of transformative learning including liminality and emotions.