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Going digital in research and education partnerships (KFPE, L. Pock)
  • 13.12.2017
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Going digital in research & education partnerships: opportunities, challenges, and risks

The 2017 KFPE annual conference, organised together with SUDAC, focused on the potential and limitations of digital tools and approaches in the research and policy arenas, as well as the relevance of such tools and approaches in education.
State of the World's children 2017
  • 12.12.2017
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Children in a digital world - The state of the World's Children 2017

Digital technology can be a game changer for disadvantaged children, offering them new opportunities to learn, socialize and make their voices heard – or it can be yet another dividing line. Millions of children are left out of an increasingly connected world.
Cost-effectiveness (copyright J-PAL)
  • 08.12.2017
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When do innovation and evidence change lives?

Innovate, test, then scale. The sequence seems obvious—but is in fact a radical departure. Too often the policy making process looks more like “have a hunch, find an anecdote, then claim success.”
  • 06.12.2017
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Call for Innovation Partnership Grants with China, Japan, South Korea and the ASEAN region

Innovation partnership grants will support the establishment of cooperation between Swiss researchers from universities, universities of applied sciences or public research institutes with non-academic innovation agents.
World Migration Report 2018
  • 05.12.2017
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World Migration Report 2018

The report combines an overarching presentation of current migration dynamics with in-depth analyses of complex and emerging issues that have been shaping, and posing challenges to, human mobility.
Bangalore, India (J.A. Lys, KFPE)
  • 04.12.2017
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Call for Bridging Grants with India

This bridging grant offers Swiss researchers who have already successfully completed a project with a partner in India the possibility to continue joint research in order to prepare a grant application for a full joint research project.
Improving the plants - economist (by H. Rutherford for CIP)
  • 29.11.2017
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Improving the plants that Africans eat and breeders neglect

The Economist reports on the efforts of different organisations to improve the nutritional content of orphan crops, and combat stunting.
Climate change, migration
  • 27.11.2017
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Climate change, migration and displacement

This report (and infographics) by ODI presents an overview of the current evidence base on the complex relationships between climate change and human mobility.
  • 27.11.2017
  • Commissione interaccademica di ricerca alpina
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Call for papers: Adaptation to Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Mountains

Mountains and mountain communities are critically affected by climate change. Mountain Research and Development (MRD) is looking for papers that assess novel adaptation practices and present well-researched insights into implications of climate change relevant to adaptation.

KFPE Newsletter, November 2017

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