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mar 31
Schematische Darstellung der Datensammlung in CrowdWater
  • University of Zurich
  • Laboratorio didattico
  • Basel

Citizen Science and water

The goal of the workshop is to exchange information and experiences on Citizen Science projects related to water quality and quantity. Invited talks will be followed by group discussion to share experiences on citizen science projects, discuss the set-up of a platform for future information exchange, and identify research needs and opportunities for collaboration within the framework of Citizen Science.
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Logo von Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Quartärforschung
  • Società svizzera per la ricerca del quaternario
  • Congresso per specialisti
  • Neuchâtel

Quaternary topics in the Jura Mountains and the Seeland region

The aim of the meeting is to bring people together working in the Quaternary and to offer a platform for exchange and discussion. This year's invited talks present the manifold aspects of the Quaternary in the region of the Jura Mountains and the Seeland – glacial geology, Quaternary-karst interactions, archeology, hydrogeology.
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  • Oeschger Centre
  • Laboratorio didattico
  • Bern

Lessons learnt from paleoscience on a possible 1.5-2°C warmer world in the future

The goal of the workshop is to summarize the current status of knowledge on the response of the Earth system to a 1.5-2°C warming. It will also lay out future scientific actions to add to this knowledge in order to come up with authoritative assessments of future long-term changes in the Earth system as expected from past examples of warmer climate conditions.