Prix Schläfli

Plume Grand Duc - Prix Schläfli
Immagine: Caspar Klein
Plume Grand Duc - Prix Schläfli
Plume Grand Duc - Prix Schläfli (Immagine: Caspar Klein)

Rewarding the best Swiss PhDs in the natural sciences

The Prix Schläfli of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) is one of the oldest prizes in Switzerland. Since the first awarding in 1866, 104 young talents in different natural science disciplines have been distinguished.


Rebekka Wild: Prix Schläfli Biologie 2019
  • 21.05.2019
  • Accademia svizzera di scienze naturali
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Rebekka Wild - On protein and other structures

On a beautiful spring day such at ETH Hönggerberg, we sit outside at the café to talk. Rebekka Wild seems very relaxed, as if she had nothing more important to do than enjoy the sun. However, appearances are deceptive: she works pretty much 150 per cent of a normal working day, reads specialist literature in the evenings - and yes, sometimes even a book.
Prix Schläfli 2018 Biologie: Hester Sheehan
  • 25.05.2018
  • Accademia svizzera di scienze naturali
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Prix Schläfli 2018 in Biology: Hester Sheehan

Those who frequent nightclubs know that when they wear white, their clothes take on a special glow in UV light. But researchers took a long time to realise that plants have a very similar "nightlife": the ways in which the colours of flowers determine which pollinating insects and birds they will attract have long been an important field of research, but the researchers – who mostly worked during normal working hours – only focused on the situation during daylight, on bright and vibrant flowers and eyes that specialise in seeing colour. In her research work, Hester Sheehan also looked at the way this phenomenon works during the night: boring white petunias that appear midnight black in the UV spectrum. An eye-catcher for nectar-hunting moths that are active during the night.