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mar 21
mar 25
  • Evento culturale
  • Nyon

10th International Festival of the Archaeological Films

Every two years, the Roman Museum organises the Nyon International Festival of Archaeological Films. The Festival has already been held eight times – in 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011 et 2013. Nyon has become the prime Swiss venue for devotees of films on archaeology and joins a group of similar festivals in France (Bordeaux, Amiens, Besançon), Germany (Kiel), Italy (Rovereto), Belgium (Brussels), Spain (Oiasso) and Greece (Athens).
  • 02.03.2017
  • Bando di concorso

Assistant Professor in Osteoarchaeology / Biological Anthropology

The Department of Archaeological Sciences of the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University has a vacancy for an Assistant Professor in Osteoarchaeology / Biological Anthropology
apr 19
apr 22
  • Congresso per specialisti
  • LA

American Association of Physical Anthropologists (AAPA)- New Orleans

86th Annual Meeting of the AAPA
apr 29
Valle di Blenio
  • STSN
  • Escursione
  • Malvaglia

La botanica a spasso con la storia: escursione nella bassa Valle di Blenio

Questa escursione permetterà di scoprire luoghi poco frequentati dove le testimonianze del passato sono tuttora presenti e si intrecciano con una natura rigogliosa in continua trasformazione. Storia e botanica si alternano in un interessante percorso ricco di scoperte e di riscoperte che ci porterà da Dongio al Castello di Serravalle, lungo la via storica della Valle di Blenio.
set 16
apr 30
Mumifizierter Sperber, Ägypten – Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig
  • Naturhistorisches Museum
  • Esposizione
  • Basel

Mumien - Rätsel der Zeit

Hinterlassenschaften aus längst vergangenen Epochen lassen uns das Rätsel entschlüsseln, woher wir kommen. Mumien sind solche Erben. Als individuelle Zeugen unserer Geschichte sind sie kulturhistorisch unschätzbar wertvoll. In dieser Sonderausstellung zeigen wir menschliche Mumien mit berührenden, aussergewöhnlichen Geschichten, die sie in sich bergen. Bereichert wird unser Wissen insbesondere durch sensationelle Tiermumien.
giu 10
Fossilienjäger-Rundgang mit Harry Hammer ©Erlebnis Geologie
  • Naturmuseum Winterthur
  • Porte aperte
  • Winterthur


Grosser Klopftag für alle diplomierten Fossilienjägerinnen und Fossilienjäger
Alle, die unseren Rundgang mit Harry Hammer erfolgreich absolviert haben, dürfen am Klopftag ihre eigenen Fossilien aus dem 180 Mio Jahre alten Posidonienschiefer herausklopfen.
lug 3
lug 8
  • Corso di formazione/aggiornamento
  • Potsdam

International Summer School in Potsdam - "Child and Adolescent Growth and Nutrition"

The number of participants is limited to 20. If you are interested, please send your application as soon as possible, but not later than March 15th 2017 to Dr. Christiane Scheffler, University of Potsdam, Human Biology

The application includes short curriculum vitae, your publication list, your motivation, and a short description of your data set that is being analyzed during the retreat working week.
  • 05.12.2016
  • Bando di concorso

The Johanna Mestorf Academy (JMA)and The Graduate School Human Development in Landscapes at Kiel University (GSHDL)

The Johanna Mestorf Academy (JMA) is a Central Institution at Kiel University, Germany. Research at JMA is conducted by a highly interdisciplinary community, focusing on socio-environmental change and Landscape Archaeology. The Graduate School Human Development in Landscapes at Kiel University ( offers a unique research environment at the interface between the Humanities and the Natural and Social Sciences. In its research it addresses the interaction between physical and social landscapes as the most profound process that catalyses human activity in space and time; integrating the interplay of environments, social relationships, material culture, population dynamics, and human perceptions of socio-environmental change.
JMA and GSHDL invite applications for six postdoctoral positions in the areas related to past environments and past societies.
Group Picture of the SGA/SSA Annual Meeting 2016
  • 01.12.2016
  • SSA
  • Notizie

Report of the SGA/SSA Annual Meeting 2016 in Basel

The Annual Meeting of the SGA/SSA was a great success. The day started with the business meeting with important agenda items (including amendments of the statutes). After the business meeting Dr. George McGlynn from Munich, Germany presented the excavation of the graveyard from the psychiatric hospital in Hall, Tirol. The day continued with further presentations, including preliminary results of new excavation sites, analyses on mummies, research of the findings from a Neolithic Dolmen and many many more. Find out more about the Annual Meeting in the report.

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