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Peopling History of Africa: a multidisciplinary perspective

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Peopling Afri
Peopling Afri
Peopling Afri

The continent of Africa, which currently encompasses about one third of all existing ethnicities worldwide, is fascinating because it is not only the most likely homeland of the genus Homo, but also of modern humans (our species Homo sapiens).

For this reason, it meets the interests of most researchers in anthropology, including palaeontologists, archaeologists, geneticists and scholars of many other related disciplines (e.g. ethnology, historical linguistics, and so on). In all these diverse fields, recent discoveries and results have challenged current hypotheses on the peopling history of this continent.

This conference aims at gathering a number of outstanding international researchers active in different fields in order to present a comprehensive view of our present knowledge about the peopling of Africa.

It should offer the opportunity to discuss the advantages and perspectives of such research, as well as the challenges of a multidisciplinary strategy.

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