Aargauische Naturforschende Gesellschaft (ANG)

La Società dell’Argovia per la ricerca della natura (Aargauische Naturforschende Gesellschaft (ANG)) riunisce persone interessate alle scienze naturali con lo scopo di diffondere conoscenze scientifiche, nonché di suscitare l’interesse per le scienze naturali nella popolazione.

  • 21.02.2018

Big Data

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  • 14.02.2018


Download der Vortragsfolien jetzt möglich !
  • 17.01.2018

Sanierung des Hallwilersees - aktueller Zustand und Ausblick

Download der Vortragsfolien jetzt möglich !

Aktuelles aus der Welt der Naturwissenschaften

Horizons 116 (In German)
  • 2018

The other side of video gaming

They entertain, create digital pioneers and move science forward: Video games have to be taken seriously. Read more in the current issue of the science magazine "Horizons".
Large Astronomical Facilities: Their Fundamental Importance for Swiss Astronomers
  • 2017

Large Astronomical Facilities: Their Fundamental Importance for Swiss Astronomers

Astrophysics and cosmology have experienced a golden age over the last two decades, due to fundamental observational and theoretical progresses in all areas investigated. Swiss astronomers have made substantial contributions to those fields thanks to the many modern facilities they can use throughout the world. Without a regular access to them, and international collaborations, present day research in astronomy is unthinkable. This booklet is meant to highlight the impact and their importance for Swiss researchers.
ProClim Flash 67
  • 2017

ProClim Flash 67

Après un an de préparation minutieuse, ProClim Flash, magazine suisse sur le climat et le changement global paraît sous un nouveau visage. Vous pourrez y lire des informations factuelles et authentiques provenant de notre réseau de chercheurs et de professionnels issus de l’administration, de la formation, de l’économie et du terrain. Plusieurs articles de ce numéro de ProClim Flash traitent du thème du changement climatique au sens large.


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